Video Gallery 

Alessandro Amaducci

The Web, 2007, video, 07’18’’ min.

Mandra Stella Cerrone
Sine Nomine, 2015, video, 1’10’’ min.



presentata in loop per tutta la durata dell’evento. Proiezioni su schermo in grande formato.



Boris Eldagsen - How to disappear completely/THE POEMS (2008-ongoing),

video portfolio, 5'21'' min.


Teye Gerbracht

Hauch, video Hd, Color, 6'66'' min.

Eleonora Manca
Uncalled for Anatomy, 2015, video HD, 1’15’’ min.


Lorena Matic

Sensazioni immobiliari, 2011, video, 9’58’’ min.


Ralph Meiling

Hitler Einstein and Vintage Porn Actor, 2013, video Sd, 9" sec.

Ralph Meiling

Bill Gates and Bruce Lee, 2013, video Hd, 9’’ sec.

Annalisa Pisoni Cimelli
Nerti, 2015, video digitale hd 16:9, 3’02’’ min., edizione 3/3


Chiara Scarfò

Untitled (walkabout), 2011, video, dv pal, 6'46" min. (loop)


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